‘THE DOG WHO COULD SPEAK CAT’ is now available to purchase directly from the author by clicking on this email Nuala Willis link.
Please give your requirements – numbers of copies etc –  and your contact details. The author will then contact you directly with information on where to send 

All cheques and postal orders should be crossed and made payable to ‘Nuala Willis’. Once your cheque or postal order has cleared, your signed copy or copies will be dispatched to you via First Class Royal Mail post. Cost of postage will be added to the book price.

This book can now be purchased via Amazon by clicking on the following link to:
Children’s Books, ‘THE DOG WHO COULD SPEAK CAT’, now at Amazon.

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  1. Linda Lloyd said:

    We are holding a Companion Dog Show on Sunday 21st June 2015 at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Worstead in Norfolk and were wondering if you would be prepared to sponsor the show in some way, possibly by donating a copy of your book The Dog Who Could Speak Cat as a raffle prize.

    Proceeds from the show will be donated to Medical Detection Dogs. These dogs are trained to support individuals with complex health conditions and with their amazing sense of smell are taught to identify any minute odour changes that are emitted prior to an emergency so the person can take appropriate action. This early canine warning system has proved to significantly reduce the number of paramedic call-outs and hospital admissions.

    As well as saving lives these dogs give confidence to people and their families and greater independence enabling them to lead more normal and happier lives.

    We appreciate that this is a very cheeky ask but hope you will be able to help us in some way.

    Linda Lloyd

    33 Plantsman Close
    NR2 2NH

    01603 503849

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